An Early Tuesday Morning in DTLA

My car has been with the mechanic for almost two weeks now so I have been using public transportation to and from work. I must say it is interesting to see, smell, feel different things everyday. ***** This early Tuesday morning, I passed by this pair of pink shoes as I walked from the train … Continue reading An Early Tuesday Morning in DTLA



I think I'll be brave Starting with you But I'll fall away if you tell me to I'd rather be wrong Then hope that I'm right 'Cause I can't go on with this all inside  I think I'll be brave And say how I've wanted you  Going around inside my head Trying to talk me … Continue reading Brave

Why I’m NOT A Receptionist!

First of all, let me start this rant with: I ABSOLUTELY APPRECIATE HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A RECEPTIONIST.  When you are a receptionist, you are the front liner of an office and part of your duties is to  lead the callers to the right person who can help them and you give general information … Continue reading Why I’m NOT A Receptionist!